Maze One 21 01 2021

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Activating marketplace opportunities to fulfill your brand’s global potential

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Tim van der Bilt

Managing Director



We are Maze-One, the leading marketplaces expert. We work closely with clients to ensure their brands build sustainable, profitable relationships with Amazon and other marketplaces.

As a full-service marketplace agency, we provide everything from marketplace management and consulting services to brand IP protection and marketplace audits. Whether you’re a dynamic start-up or a major international brand, we can support you with both vendor and seller contracts, including an end-to-end, full account management service.

As market leader, we employ genuine experts and specialists. People who can add real value to your business. Helping your brands grow within current markets and expand internationally.

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With Headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Denmark, Norway, Madrid and the UK, our specialist team can reach your next marketplace audience anywhere in the world

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