Driving A-OK9's ecommerce growth with Amazon

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A-OK9 is a British supplement company that was created by a team of vets, nutritionists, and dog behaviorists. They specialize in veterinary-developed and 100% natural superfood supplements for dogs. They've been an Incubeta Maze-One client since September, 2021.

Driving A-OK9's ecommerce growth with Amazon

  • Set-Up
  • Content Optimization 
  • Reviews and Ratings Build 
  • Advertising
  • Organic Growth

How could A-OK9 spread brand awareness and grow sales through ecommerce?

Before starting their collaboration with Incubeta Maze-One in September 2021, A-OK9 sold their products mainly on their own website:

To spread brand awareness and grow sales in the United Kingdom, they decided to invest more heavily in ecommerce, specifically by selling their products on Amazon.

However, being a lean team with little experience in marketplaces, A-OK9 recognized that they needed a dedicated group of marketplace specialists to help them launch and grow successfully on Amazon. This is how our journey together began.

200% growth in just six months

Our marketplace team helped A-OK9 to successfully launch and grow in the UK, achieving significant results within just six months:

  • Growing 200% since launch
  • Achieving 'best-seller' status for CALM-K9
  • Seeing CALM-K9 in the Top 10 within the Relaxants & Anxiety Relief category

*CALM-K9 is an all-natural and superfood supplement for dogs with anxiety, stress, or barking troubles.Calm-K9 - A-OK9


Setting up, managing reviews, running an effective ad strategy, and mapping opportunities

  1. Set-Up and Launch
  2. Ratings and Reviews Management
  3. Strategic Product Introduction 
  4. Data-Driven Advertising Strategy 
  5. Organic Growth via Optimized Content

1. Set-Up, Onboarding, and Launch

Our marketplace specialist team managed the bulk of A-OK9's account set-up and launch, but we also made sure to onboard the the AOK-9 team with the fundamentals of Amazon.

2. Ratings and Reviews Management

Once we began listing products and purchases started rolling in, our team also managed A-OK9's product reviews. Whether the reviews were positive or negative, we worked together with A-OK9 to set the brand up for high ratings long-term. 

3. Strategic Product Information and Opportunity Mapping

Within the first few months, we worked closely with A-OK9 to determine the most strategic products to introduce on the Amazon market. This included a produces of mapping opportunities based on the market conditions and initial results, allowing us to determine high-potential revenue drivers and areas for growth. 

We determined potential best-sellers and other competitive products, using a data-driven method to know when to introduce new products into the market. 

4. Data-Driven Advertising Strategy and Monitoring

By conducting regular product performance analyses and competitor analyses, we could better understand which products to categories would provide the highest advertising return. 

5. Organic Growth and Optimized Content

Our team took the time to develop a deep understanding of the behavior and preferences of A-OK9's target audience. Doing this helped us determine how to best optimize the brand's content on Amazon to ensure high organic growth, as well as high conversion rates for shoppers who land on their product pages via ads. 

We set-up and maintained A-OK9's content, SEO, and product categorization as effectively as possible, monitoring results closely and regularly to drive continuous improvements.

Up Next

We are successfully expanding A-OK9 in the UK, but it's only a taste of what's to come. In the near future, we plan to work together towards European expansion, and eventually, global expansion.