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HG International

Expanding across Europe with Amazon

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HG International

​​HG International is a manufacturer of products for cleaning, maintenance, and repair in and around the house. They approached us to help them expand their brand awareness and increase their ecommerce sales across various European markets (with a focus on Spain, Germany, and the UK).

What could we do to increase HG International’s ecommerce sales across Europe?

Brands often use Amazon and online search as tools to enter and expand into new markets. HG International saw enormous ecommerce opportunities with Amazon, but they needed highly specialised expertise to upgrade their growth.

It can be difficult to know where to start with Amazon, what it takes to capitalise on fast-changing shopping behaviours, or how to navigate through all the different country-specific aspects that can affect both a brand's advertising strategy and returns. 

To overcome these challenges, HG International asked us for country specific analyses that outlined each country's revenue potential (in other words, the highest returns possible), followed by their respective advertising strategy proposals.

They wanted it fast, too, because Covid-19 had just hit hard in Europe and consumers were shopping more and more online.

All the right opportunities were there. They just needed the right approach to seize them.

A 200% sales and growth increase in HG International’s client base across six European markets.

Since the partnership with Maze-One, HG International has...

  • Seen notable revenue growth (200% YTD) for all six markets they entered.
  • Adapted their advertising structure based on our recommendations, growing advertising sales by over a 700% YTD and keeping the Average Cost of Sale on Amazon on a target level of less than 20%

HG International was able to significantly profit during the thick of the Covid-19 crisis by trusting us to handle their Amazon vendor account and optimise their content. 

Successfully managing HG's Amazon stores, brand campaigns, and sponsored products and displays helped to strengthen their brand awareness and sales across Europe, just as they had hoped.

Revenue Growth For all six markets every month (YTD)

We advised HG how to achieve their ecommerce and expansion goals, using Amazon as the way forward.

Here’s what we did to address HG International's global needs with a localised approach:

  • Map out the status per country with our own Amazon scorecard system, including opportunities, blind spots, and investment recommendations.
  • Optimise advertising strategies on a country-by-country basis.
  • Manage all six European countries with a full-service Amazon vendor account.
  • Manage and update Sponsored Products, Display, Brand Campaigns, and Amazon Stores. 
  • Improve keywords, content, and product categorisation.
  • Use different types of tech to seamlessly combine manual optimisation with machine learning.
  • Integrate HG International into Maze-One’s tooling system to calculate “share of shelf” on Amazon.

“HG purposely started selling through Amazon to increase its reach in some focus countries. The benefits are proven, and as of now marketplaces will be part of our marketing plan."      

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