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Tony's Chocolonely

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Tony’s Chocolonely

Founded in 2005, Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch brand that produces and sells chocolate across the EU, the US and Japan. Selling via digital channels such as Amazon, Tony’s Chocolonely’s aim is to raise awareness and inspire the whole chocolate industry to act against inequality and slave trade. Sporting unequally divided chocolate bars – Tony’s Chocolonely’s products are representative of the unfair nature of the chocolate industry and their bars will remain unequal as long as the industry is unequal. 

What could we do to increase sales and brand awareness for Tony's Chocoloney in the UK?

A so-called ‘challenger brand’ in the UK, Tony’s Chocolonely approached Incubeta Maze-One to help them compete against other well-known and established chocolate brands on Amazon Marketplace. Our objective was simple; convey their messaging and brand mission through beautiful, curated content on Tony’s Chocolonely’s Amazon vendor account.

The bestselling product in the entire grocery category within Amazon UK, in just a few months.

Launched in September 2020, Incubeta Maze-One increased Tony’s Chocolonely’s visibility significantly. 

Within just a few months, they became a best-seller across the entire grocery category on Amazon UK, even ranking in first place for ‘chocolate blocks’ and ‘chocolate bars’ and in the top ten for groceries. 

Our work drove a 78% increase in sales in the run up to Valentine’s Day 2021.

78% Increase in sales in the run-up to Valentine's Day 2021

Turning Tony's Chocoloney into a Bestseller

Our process was divided into a number of different steps:

    1. We took over Tony’s Chocolonely’s UK Amazon vendor account – building out their seller account and optimizing the content for each of their products. 
    2. From here we optimized their Amazon brand store and applied for a Climate Pledge Friendly Badge for each and every product being sold on Amazon. 
    3. We then expanded  Tony’s Chocolonely’s advertising strategy – making the most of the platform’s capabilities to drive awareness, visibility and growth for the brand.

“Maze-One has been tremendous in building our business on Amazon in the UK. In a matter of 6 months we were able to realize a #1 spot in the category ‘Chocolate Blocks & Bars’, and a top 10 spot in Grocery."