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 HG International is manufacturer of products for cleaning, maintenance, and repair in and around the house. The main market for the Dutch company is Europe. HG committed to expand their ecommerce business and brand awareness in European markets.

Increase ecommerce sales in specific countries

Online search for the best products is an ongoing given and we see that consumers are increasingly using Amazon as a starting point in their product orientation. HG saw enormous opportunities and potential for growth in this online market. Particularly in Germany, Spain and the UK the market looked very promising. It was time to take this different approach.

We advised HG how to achieve goal via Amazon in specific markets

To expand business in ecommerce in European countries, Amazon is the way forward. But the question was, where to start, given the fact that every single country has their own challenges. HG asked for a country specific analysis including the potential for each country followed by the request for an advertising strategy with the highest return per country. And we had to speed-up to because Covid19 entered Europe and consumers were far more shopping online.

Global need - local approach

  • Maze-One mapped out the status per country in an own Amazon scorecard to see where the opportunities are, and which blind spots HG is recommended to invest in
  • Maze-One optimized HG ‘s advertising strategy per country
  • Maze-One manages all six active Europe countries for HG (full service, vendor account)
  • Maze-One manage Sponsored Products, - Display and - Brand campaigns and update Amazon Stores
  • Maze-One improved keywords, content and handled a better categorization of products
  • Maze-One uses tools like Sellics to combine manual optimization with machine learning
  • Maze-One integrated HG into Maze-One’s ‘Carpio’ tooling to calculate share of shelf on Amazon

Increase of sales and growth of client base in all markets across Europe

By improving HG ’s content, presence and availability of products via Amazon in focus countries Germany, Spain and UK, the expectation was that sales figures would increase soon. And they did!
Needless to say that HG profited from the Covid19 crisis and ordering was mainly done online, but if brand awareness is low and presence in that market is not there, it made the challenge to increase sales even bigger. 

The great challenge was solved with amongst others a full content optimalisation approach.
Since the partnership with Maze-One, HG sees a revenue growth for all six markets every month (YTD growth 200%). HG has changed the advertising structure completely to grow advertising sales (YTD growth >700%). HG has managed to keep the Average Cost of Sale on Amazon on target level (<20%). 
Looking back, the year 2020 was a very successful Amazon year for HG.

Revenue growth for all six markets every month (YTD growth 200%)

“HG purposely started selling through Amazon to increase its reach in some focus countries. The benefits are proven, and as of now marketplaces will be part of our marketing plan".      

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