Amazon Audience Platform (AAP):

Through the Amazon Audience Platform (AAP), advertisements can be purchased for use anywhere on the Internet based on Amazon data. These are advertising spaces outside of the Amazon platform. AMS works differently. This is used to advertise within the Amazon platform. This advertising space is purchased by means of programmatic media purchasing. This means that advertising spaces on websites are auctioned and sold to advertisers in real-time.
 AAP enables a marketer to purchase banners and videos based on Amazon data (demographics, buying intentions) and to bring their ad directly to the attention of the right target group.

AAP is the fastest growing DSP in the United States. The DSP itself is still under development and many functionalities that are normal in other DSPs are not yet integrated into AAP. It is a technology stack developed by Amazon (together with header bidding as a solution for publishers) that provides an end-to-end programmatic media procurement infrastructure.

The inventory that can be purchased with it is divided into three categories:

  1. Amazon O&O websites ("Owned" and "Operated"). These are Amazon websites and IMDb.
  2. Publishers using Amazon's integrated header bidding - Unified Ad Market Place (UAM).
  3. The rest of the Web via large SSPs, such as Rubicon and AppNexus.

In addition to the open exchanges that allow the volume and range for display and video purchasing campaigns to be achieved, Amazon also has exclusive inventory, such as IMDb.

AAP is currently available in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. We are in contact with Amazon regarding the roll-out of this product and expect Maze-One to be able to offer it in 2019.

AAP distinguishes itself by the customer data. Advertising can be targeted based on demographics, interests, and retail segments.


With AAP, banner ads and videos can be targeted at all interested parties and buyers through programmatic purchasing from external websites.

Technical specifications on the Amazon website: