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Selling ​​at a marketplace platform

The number of webshops in the Netherlands is bigger than ever and online sales in the Netherlands are higher than the turnover achieved by offline stores. The enormous number of online stores can be explained, among other things, by the low threshold for starting a web store. However, the competition is large and it takes a lot of effort to be easy to find, especially between the big players. But what if you can take part in the success of these successful giants? is market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium and generates a turnover of almost one billion euros. Onboarding at in the Netherlands and Belgium is a no brainer. Seven million Dutch people regularly visit, thanks to the versatile range. is known in the Netherlands as a reliable, low-threshold web store. Selling via is attractive because of the large number of potential buyers and the settlement model of fee per product sold via the platform.

Selling on offers the following benefits

  1. You do not have to buy traffic (CPC),you pay a fee per sold product
  2. Fulfillment at let process, pack and send your orders
  3. Carry on the service level that offers its customers
  4. Grow with the largest e-commerce platform in the Netherlands
  5. The platform is optimized for search engines, so your webshop and products are better found in Google.

How does it work?
Maze-One ensures flawless connection with, so that your products are visible on the platform. arranges the payment traffic. The customer pays to and pays you. No sales means no costs. You only pay a mediation fee when you sell a product. The mediation fee consists of a fixed amount per item sold and a percentage of sales price that differs per category. With the tools that the platform offers, we help you to gain control over your products, price and marketing!


At Maze-One we will be happy to discuss with you whether is the right platform and if so, how we can help to facilitate this. Contact us!