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A premium brand: Setting the basics right with good content

Brabantia is a leading Dutch premium brand with beautiful and smart household products like waste bins and laundry products. Brabantia stands for beautiful, pleasurable and sustainable products and these premium goods are available all over the world.

The challenge for Brabantia: how to stand out as a high-quality brand in an online shopping environment

In this case Brabantia focused on two markets: Germany and the United Kingdom.
And the key question was ‘In which way can Brabantia accommodate and service customers better with preferred content?’ Aiming to drive conversion.

Maze-One took the content improvement approach

Maze-One adviced Brabantia to extend & optimize the content for the product detail pages (below the fold). Good to mention that the existing content was already from a high standard: by optimizing the content, it would better match Babantia as a premium brand. This would influence the (potential) customers and resulting in a higher conversion ratio.

Maze-One produced high-end content

The new made content for the product detail pages (below the fold):

Results: Optimizing content for the product detail pages increased the conversion rate rapidly

The content improvement approach was a success. It resulted in an increase of revenue and orders from 15% to 40%, in the first 3 months after optimizing Brabantia’s content. Third party Helium10 ranked the content 8.75/10, which was on average 6.45/10.
The knowledge that this is an optimization for content below the fold, means that there is great potential to drive more sales in case content above the fold will be optimized as well.  

Brabantia: “Working with the team at Maze was easy and hassle free, they walked us through their process and provided us with a comprehensive and cost effective solution for our budget and timeframe.”


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