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Michelle Theeuwen

Michelle Theeuwen

Director Retail Media



Why would you use a specialist marketplace agency?

Amazon is a unique place for a brand. 
Where TV and radio give reach and Google or Facebook reach plus data; gives Amazon reach plus data plus the actual sale on the platform. This unique position that platforms have for brands and retailers both in terms of media and sales ask for a specialist approach.

A succesfull marketplace strategy consist of a few components:

  • There is a technical piece where feed and api connections are made to make sure the products are correctly shown on Amazon and also to make sure that statistics such as sales and prices go back to the retailer stock and accounting systems.
  • There is a large SEO part to make sure listings get to the first page. To do so there are tools such as keywords, titles and pieces of code that can be used.
    65% of sales are made on the first search result page so this is rather important.
  • There is a content piece where there are countless options to make sure the brand is represented in a good way on Amazon.
    For brand owners we go through the brand registry program in a seller account to open up A+ content and store front options.
  • There is a large paid marketing part that has a lot of possibilities to bid on keywords with Sponsored Products (sort of Adwords) to get more sales. Also there is a the option to target banners and videos both on and of the Amazon platform with Amazon shopper data. This is done with the Amazon DSP.
  • There is the crucial fulfillment piece that makes sure that the consumer gets the product in a correct way delivered to their home. Any brand can now deliver their products across the globe with Amazons fulfillment options.
  • There is the daily incoming flood of communication with consumers via the Amazon platform. Complaints and questions from consumers that need to be dealt with (within 24 hours!) and reviews you want on your account. Marketplaces are a direct to consumer platform and brand need to be aware of the workload this brings to do either in-house or partner with Maze-One on.

A succesfull marketplace strategy is not just one of these components but all of them.

And that is where the problem is: many companies do a part such as the product feed or the management of Sponsored Products campaigns. But to be truly successful on Amazon all of the components need to be working together and that is why Maze-One was founded.

Maze-One is a unique agency: we do nothing else but Marketplaces. We help with all the elements that are needed to be succesfull. We work closely with our clients to make sure we give their consumers the right product at the right time. A close cooperation with our clients to make sure we create promotions, content and marketing together is crucial.

We are a new type of agency; we are a marketplace agency.

If you want to start on Amazon or you think your account could do better please do reach ut to us for an informed conversation.

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