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Our people

Our diverse Maze-One team includes marketplace specialists, copywriters, operations specialists and data analysts.

Meet some members of the Maze-One team across Europe.

Maddie Hopper Picture Website

Maddie (UK)

Marketplace Specialist

Marketplace Specialist based in Southend, UK

Working at Maze-One is really fulfilling because each day brings a different job. Each client has unique challenges, and it allows me to learn something new every week. The teams are incredibly supportive, and the range of knowledge means that there is always someone who has expertise and valuable input to come to a solution.

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Tobias Muller 1

Tobias (DK)

Marketplace Specialist

Marketplace Specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Working at Maze-One is like getting insights and knowledge from a ton of different brands. I learn every day about the different challenges each brand can experience. It’s fun to be part of an international team and at the same time work with local based colleagues.

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Anouck Van Rietschoten 1

Anouck (NL)

Head of Operations

Head of Operations based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Working at Maze-One is like being a hero. We help and advice many clients with their difficulties and struggles with Amazon. With our expertise we make the lives of our clients a lot easier. Besides the challenges, marketplaces can contain a huge potential for companies and helping to achieve great results for our clients is amazing.

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Gabriëlle (NL)

Intern - Advertising specialist

Intern based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Working at Maze-One is like propelling businesses to become more successful. There is extensive knowledge at Maze-One and everybody is very helpful and open to share ideas. As an intern l feel I contribute to the success of their clients’ businesses as well.

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Michael Chabert

Managing Partner & Co-founder

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