Maze-one Marketplace specialist


Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Carol Braam Mei 2021 Klein.Docx

Carol (NL)

Senior Marketplace Specialist

At Maze-One I work with 10+ clients.

Working at Maze-One is like...
Like a rollercoaster. Highs and lows, fast paced and each client (rollercoaster) is unique. You get the adrenaline from the speed and riding the highs. When you are in the lows, you, as a team, are looking ahead to the high milestones coming up. 

What makes Maze-One stand out?
You have the ability to work closely with major (inter)national brands in many different branches and be part of their team.

Who is your superhero?
My favourite superhero is Black Widow

When growing up, ...I wanted to be an Interior Designer so that I could help people to create their dream home. Now at Maze-One the dream home has been replaced by the marketplace, and I’m helping my clients to create their dreams and goals on there.

The best product I bought on Amazon.... a moisture meter for plants because love having plants and this tool always tells me if my plants need to be watered. Happy plants = Happy Carol :)