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Tim van der Bilt

Tim van der Bilt

Managing Director



We help you create a targeted marketplace strategy. Components that occur therein include:

Strategy and plan

We think about how a marketplace strategy fits in with the overall e-commerce strategy. We take the various channels (wholesale, own website, reseller, marketplace) with us and help with mapping a logical strategy and flow for the products. For example, not all products are likely to lend themselves to sell in one marketplace and others only in certain markets. We help with the supply of facts, figures and insights for writing a good e-commerce strategy and the role of marketplaces in that.

Vendor versus Seller 

The big difference between vendor and seller is that with a seller account you determine your own price and promotion and with a vendor account you sell to Amazon which then determines the consumer price.
The choice of vendor or seller can be made per country or even per SKU and more and more brands are opting for a hybrid strategy. We help you make a choice for a vendor, seller or hybrid account.

Negotiation and support

If you have a vendor account, you must negotiate with Amazon or other marketplaces in Europe every time regarding the purchase conditions. Our team comes from Amazon and Bol and has years of experience with these negotiations. We can assist with this and help with presenting arguments and obtaining crucial data.

Trademark, IP and brand protection

Amazon offers the brand registry program (most other marketplaces do not have such a thing) and with this you can deposit your brand name and products within the platform. This gives you the opportunity to do extra promotions such as building storefronts but also to remove imitation and bad resellers from the platform. This must be done actively by running reports and ticket entry. Maze-One helps both to go through the brand registry and actively monitor it.


If you are working on a strategic trajectory regarding e-commerce and the role of marketplaces, please contact us. We can help you with facts, figures and insights.

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