Amazon School with potential for international expansion

Maze-One opened the doors to our Amazon School for the first time in the fall of 2019. This quickly proved to be a success with many participants in the Danish market (some have actual participated more than once). In June 2020, following the increasing trend of webinars and video conferences, we decided to run a test of the Amazon School concept as a webinar. 


Large interest in the Nordic markets

The primary reason for testing the school as a webinar was however the significantly increasing interest in the school concept we experienced from several clients and partners across the Nordic region, especially in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Signups for the webinar took off immediately after sending out invitations to partners, clients and potential clients and posting the course on the web page. The result was a full list of 75 participants from all four Nordic markets, all of whom completed two times an hour and a half of teaching with a comprehensive and profound Amazon material.


Complete Amazon basic course

In the basic course we give a thorough introduction to Amazon as a marketplace and its significant influence on global ecommerce. Hereafter we run through key elements such as:

  • Ways of selling on Amazon inc. logistic models (choice of strategy) and possible need for a local VAT number etc.
  • How to set up and optimize a seller account (possible pitfalls)
  • How to register your brand
  • Adding products and brand content to your account
  • SEO optimization
  • Selling on Amazon and success criteria on winning the Buy-box
  • Available data, reporting tools and tools for connections and automation
  • Specifics on Amazon advertising - Sponsored products, sponsored brands, display and DSP
    • Advertising KPIs and campaign set-up
    • Introduction to Amazon Advertising certificate

All for just 150€.


Structured programme - high dynamics and involvement

The course is practically orientated and is based on educational material from Maze-One, Amazon and a number of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. We work with a combination of teaching as well as work in the Amazon platform based on specific cases from both Vendor and Seller accounts across multiple markets. 

The ultimate test when we tested the webinar format was to maintain a high level of involvement from the participants. This played out perfectly via a dynamic Q&A which resulted in many questions and comments that we could include in the presentation and verbal dialogue amongst the panelists.


A course coming to you soon - next time international focus

The Amazon School has from the very beginning been run by experienced teachers from Maze-One in Copenhagen and Maze-One in Amsterdam. Soon the school will expand to include teachers from all Maze-One offices and will be offered to interested participants in all markets.

The basic course is planned to run again end of August and hereafter approximately every quarter. Maze-One has also developed numerous specialized courses on a more advanced level, e.g. Details on optimizing advertising on Amazon or Details on Amazon DSP etc. These courses start in the fall of 2020.

Stay informed via Maze-One.com or Maze-One.com/nordics. You are also welcome to contact us at Maze-One.