Amazon School - basic course

Practical course in sales and advertising

Amazon School

This course in Amazon basics is focused on how to operationally optimize your business on Amazon. The course is practically orientated and is based on educational material from Maze-One, Amazon and a number of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. We work with a combination of teaching as well as work in the Amazon platform based on specific cases.

Target audience

The course is targeted at individuals working in companies whom are considering selling on Amazon or already have experience. Specifically, the course is suitable for eCommerce managers, digital managers, marketing managers or similar. You want to understand how to work with your own seller account or just more detailed knowledge of the sales and advertising opportunities on Amazon.


The course will run via a web link and is divided into interconnected modules over two days with the following program:

Day 1

  • 9.00 Welcome - introduction to the agenda and teachers of the day
  • 9.05 Market trends and Amazon's influence on eCommerce
  • 9.15 Introduction to Amazon as a market place
    • Opportunities for sales, logistics, content development, advertising and other key action parameters
  • 9.30 How to set up and optimize a seller account
    • Possible pitfalls in application process to become an Amazon Seller
    • Brand registry
    • Remember to apply early for a local VAT number if you sell FBA
  • 10.00 Adding products and brand content to your account
    • How to add products
    • Amazon SEO
    • Brand building via Brand store and Enhanced Branded Content
  • 10.30 Summary and Q/A
  • 10.45 End of course

Day 2

  • 9.00 Welcome - summary on day 1 and Q/A
  • 9.20 Sales on Amazon and success criteria on winning the Buy-box
    • Optimizing all types of action parameters
    • Available data and reporting tools
    • Automation
  • 9.55 Specifics on Amazon Advertising
    • Amazon advertising options: sponsored products, sponsored brands, DSP
    • Advertising KPI’s: impressions, CTR, ACOS
    • Campaign set-up
  • 10.30 Summary and Q/A
  • 10.45 End of course

Key take aways from this Amazon course

  • Registration of brand ownership on Amazon
  • Overview of the various ways to shop on Amazon, including understanding and using logistics models such as FBM and FBA
  • Tips and tricks on how to run your Amazon account effectively, with less time and more outcome
  • Boost your Amazon sales - get to know the key factors of success
  • In-depth information about Amazon SEO: how to get high ranking on the Amazon platform
  • In-depth information about Amazon advertising


  • Anouck van Rietschoten (Head of operational team, Maze-One)
  • Ulrik Castenskiold (Managing Partner, Maze-One)


The teaching takes place in English. Participants can send in questions during the course which we will answer at the end of each session. After the course we will also summarize the list of questions and answers and forward to all participants.

Web link will be send in advance on the day before each session.