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Ulrik Castenskiold

Ulrik Castenskiold

Managing Partner



We can help you generate new revenues via advertising on your own platform. With our years of experience in retail media, we know exactly what the troubles can be with monetization. We offer the following services:

Strategy and plan

We help to determine how an advertising solution fits your website best and create a custom plan. We make sure that the solutions fits your overall strategy, that the plan is feasible and executable within a certain period. In addition, we make sure that your proposition fits the market standards and expectations.

Selection partners and software

Which partners should I collaborate with? What software is available and how do we select the correct tool? Alternatively, should we develop in-house tools? We help you with the selection and financial negotiation.

Implementation and rollout

We help you with implementation, the go-to-market plans and rollout of the tools, as soon as the tool has been selected and timings are determined. Stakeholder management and adjusting your department to all changes can be challenging.

Evaluation and optimization

We evaluate if we have achieved our desired goals and discuss possible improvements after a trial period. Then we create a plan on how to optimize and improve the coming period. Are you curious about the opportunities for your company? Feel free and contact us!  

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