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Content & SEO

When we discuss content on marketplaces, we mean all the information a consumer can view about products and brands. The correct content will help consumers make the right decision on their purchase for your product. 

By offering detailed information, your potential customers are able to distinguish your product from others. You can inspire and even seduce potential customers with the right content. 

In marketing terms: with the right content you can provide the consumer with the perfect customer journey on marketplaces. 

Brand safety & registry

3rd party sellers can offer your product at marketplaces. If this is the case, and these sellers do not post professional photos and/ or content, it is possible that your brand and/ or product is not presented as to your brand guidelines. This can be prevented by registering your brand on the marketplace and posting the correct content. Marketplaces work with ASINs, or EANs, these are numbers that are registered with certain products. Once you have registered your brand, you determine which content is leading for your products.Our specialists are happy to help you run through the brand registry programs and place the right content.

Product detail pages

A product detail page is the page where consumers find content about a specific product.The product information on most marketplaces consists of the following:

  • Title 
  • Pictures 
  • Bullet points 
  • Description 
  • Product variations (such as size or color) 
  • Customer reviews 


The title of your products is very important. Consumers must immediately understand what you are offering and the title must be structured in such a way that you always come out well in the search results. 


You can upload different images. The quality of the photos must be sharp in order for the consumer to properly assess the details of the product. It can be used also, for example, to place an image with measurements on it or with a recognizable object / person so that the size of the product is clear immediately. 

Bullet points 

Make sure you use all bullet points and briefly tell the distinctive and important information about your product. 


Describe the product, display extensive product details (ensure that consumers can compare your product based on the correct information) and explain your brand. 

At Amazon it is also possible to add (premium) A + content. This is an additional section where you can tell more about the product and brand with beautiful images, diagrams, tables and videos. 

Product variations 

Use the product variations to emphasize that other sizes / colors of your product are available as well. You can organize this properly via a so-called "parent / child" structure


You are not able to control all content at marketplaces, such as your reviews. After purchasing the product, a consumer can express his or her opinion by allocating a number of stars (1-5) and adding comments about your products. 

There are several case studies on how much influence reviews have on the conversion. Authentic reviews on marketplaces can increase visits to product pages by almost 50% and sales by 176%.

Brand stores

Once you have registered your brand on the marketplace, you can start creating your own brand section at the marketplace. It makes sense doing this after updating and finalizing the product detail pages. 

A brand store consists of one or more pages all about your brand and products. At Amazon you can choose from multiple templates and place images and content that are relevant here. 

You can adjust this content based on new products or promotions that you want to bring to the attention, but also based on the results. 

In Amazon's reporting tool you can see exactly how many people have visited each page of the brand store, and the amount of money they have spent on your products. In addition to the fact that you now present your brand on marketplaces professionally, you can also get started with Sponsored Brands campaigns on Amazon (previously known as headline search ads).



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