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Michael Chabert

Michael Chabert

Managing Partner



We love data

At Maze-One we love data. Fortunately, Amazon generates a lot of it. Being part of The Valley, we have access to colleagues with specialist knowledge who can help us tackle even the most complicated data questions or connections. Our clients can give us access to API’s or content data bases for us to manage their marketplace accounts or just sent WeTransfer links. We are super flexible.

When it comes to managing our client’s marketplace accounts (yes, our clients always own the account) we use a variety of tools and technologies. Due to the nature of Amazon where there are more possibilities in the API’s then in the platform and a whole ecosystem of tech companies and tooling around have sprung in recent years.

If you are interested have a look at the Amazon app store in seller central. You will see there are a lot of tools available. On top of those tools there are companies who have developed full stack solutions for content management or advertising.

At Maze-One we are technology agnostic, which means that we use the best tooling available to help our clients reach their goals.


  • We have tooling to manage large product sets (our fashion clients have up to 50k sku’s, changing 4 times a year)
  • We use the tooling to pro-actively spot changes / issues with the content


  • We have tooling to manage and optimize sponsored brand and sponsored product campaigns
  • We use the tooling to set rules (if this, then that) in cpc bidding
  • We use the tooling to set ACOS targets
  • We store data limitless to report on (Amazon is 90 days)

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