Anouck van Rietschoten

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Anouck Van Rietschoten 1

Anouck (NL)

Head of Operations

At Maze-One I work with 100 clients. I have my own client accounts and support my international team of Marketplace Specialists with their clients.

Working at Maze-One is like …
Like being a hero. We help and advice many clients with their difficulties and struggles with Amazon. With our work experience and expertise, we make the lives of our clients a lot easier. Besides the challenges, marketplaces can contain a huge potential for companies and helping to achieve great results for our clients is amazing.

What makes Maze-One unique?
We are a very flexible company. Should clients experience challenges or have ambitions, which we have not yet done before? We look forward solving this together: we love new challenges and widening ours.

Who is your superhero?
My favourite superhero is Harley Quinn

When growing up…
I wanted to be a bridge keeper and now at Maze-One I am the bridge keeper between the client and the marketplace platform on the other side.
Compared to a bridge keeper, every day is completely different at Maze-One (and no boats or water).

The best product I bought on Amazon…
… is an LP (Vinyl) of Kelvin Colt (rapper). I went to his concert and the best way to re-experience a concert is listening to music on Vinyl.