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Maddie Hopper

Remote working from Southend, UK

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Maddie (UK)

Marketplace Specialist

At Maze-One I work with 15 clients.

Working at Maze-One is like …
Working at Maze-One is really fulfilling because each day brings a different job. Each client has unique challenges, and it allows me to learn something new every week. The teams are incredibly supportive, and the range of knowledge means that there is always someone who has expertise and valuable input to come to a solution.

What makes Maze-One unique?
The diversity across the specialists at Maze-One: I believe that makes the company special. There are a lot of different paths that led everyone to Maze-One and it means that each team member has a unique way of approaching an issue.

Who is your superhero?
My favourite superhero is Captain Marvel because she gives such a strong message to young girls that you can aspire to do anything you want to do.

When growing up…
I wanted to be teacher and now at Maze-One I still get the opportunity to teach about how to run a successful Amazon account, I also get to continue learning as Amazon grows and changes.

The best product I bought on Amazon…
… is a waffle iron because it means I can have waffles for breakfast and they’re ready in 10 minutes.