Tobias Müller

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Tobias Muller 1

Tobias (DK)

Marketplace Specialist

At Maze-One I work with 18 clients

Working at Maze-One is like …
Working at Maze-One is like getting insights and knowledge from a ton of different brands. I learn every day about the different challenges each brand can experience.

What makes Maze-One unique?
Maze-One has an international network of specialists: It’s fun to be part of an international team and at the same time work with local based colleagues.

Who is your superhero?
My favourite superhero is Deadpool - for sure.

When growing up…
I wanted to work with creative projects in teams where people have different skills. Now in my daily work at Maze-One I get the opportunity to help brands build their presence on the Amazon platform. I enjoy working in cross-functional teams, in which all expertise come together.

The best product I bought on Amazon…
… is my Playstation because it keeps me busy during corona lockdowns.