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Amazon’s DSP

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If marketing is all about targeting the right audience with the right product, then programmatic advertising is going to play a big part in the future of every company hoping to thrive in the next phase of digital commerce’s evolution. And right now, it’s Amazon who are showing the way.

Amazon has been investing heavily in programmatic advertising solutions in recent years. One result is Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform). There are others offering DSP data to marketeers, but the quality and granularity of the data Amazon can provide make the Amazon DSP unique.

Reach and reliability 
One reason for this is that Amazon built Amazon DSP itself, and can collect an unrivalled amount of shopping data via Amazon’s many websites across the world. And because its sourced in-house, Amazon DSP data is extremely reliable, and not available to other platforms.

The anonymous data is also highly diverse, covering everything from demographic details, lifestyle and postal codes to search patterns, buying intent and purchase behaviour during the customer journey — and all this data can be back-traced up to a year.

For marketers, this is information worth its weight in gold: the more precisely you can define your target group(s) and their behaviour, the more specific and relevant your advertising can be. And because nearly all your marketing efforts are now reaching the right people, there’s minimal ‘wastage’, so you have budget left over for yet more targeted marketing: more is more. No surprise, then, that increasing numbers of companies are asking how they can access Amazon DSP data.

The chosen few
Amazon restricts access to most of Amazon DSP to a few leading agencies and larger advertisers that have both a strong track record in programmatic advertising and in-house specialists who know how to use Amazon DSP effectively. Maze-One has been one of this select few for a while now.

“At Maze-One, we believe our specialist expertise in the field of marketplace advertising enables us to leverage more out of the amazing power of Amazon DSP for our clients,” explains Maze-One CEO, Tim van der Bilt. “Helping them create campaigns that better define and target their audiences, with content that’s tailored to deliver higher sales.”

New clients, new possibilities
As well as helping companies currently on Amazon reach target groups super-efficiently, the Amazon DSP also allows brands who don’t currently sell their products via Amazon to use Amazon DSP, and so reach new target groups.

For example, a cosmetics company could use online advertising space, such as banners or videos, that it purchased via Amazon DSP to steer consumers to the website of one of its brands. These banners are shown to targeted audiences, using Amazon DSP data to select, say, only those who have previously viewed or purchased the brand or its competitors. And because the Amazon DSP data is such high quality, and the advertising itself can be sharply focused on, for example, the known shopping behaviour of a specific demographic group, the campaign will inevitably generate a sharp rise in both traffic to and conversion rates on the cosmetic brand’s website. All for less money. In the complex world of marketing, that leaves marketeers and companies with a refreshingly simple decision for a change.

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