Amazon NL Groot

Amazon Netherlands is about to open. Below we will summarize what we know and can share of the launch of the 6th EU marketplace for Amazon.

The business end of the platform (vendor and seller) is open for everyone to register now and start selling on the platform as soon as the consumer side opens. The consumer side is expected to open before the end of Q1. At Maze-One we think it will be somewhere in March. will open on all categories except fresh and MDA (mayor domestic appliances).

The logistic fees (when using FBA) are relatively low compared to and can be found here  

Advertising options such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands will not be part of the launch and are expected to come to the NL portal later in 2020. Also the DSP (buying media outside of Amazon with Amazon data) will not be part of the launch and will be introduced by Amazon later this year.

All product detail page content options including A+ content will be available from the start. This means that many brand will have to put some effort on localizing their international listings to meet Dutch standards. Storefront options are expected later in 2020.

As an important note: all sellers who use FBA should have a German VAT number when selling in the Netherlands. This also is the case when a seller only sells in the Netherlnds and not in Germany. This has to do with the fact that the stock is stored by Amazon in German warehouses.