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About 200 million Prime members

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17 May 2021

Amazon Prime has 200 million members and counting.
Why is being a member of Amazon so extremely popular?

Recently was announced that Amazon Prime has 200 million members worldwide. It is clear: the marketplace service for Amazon customers is very popular with a growth of 50 million subscribers a year. We dare to say it is one of the fastest growing consumer groups. It is obvious that the Covid crisis has helped in this regard.

In this article we briefly explain what the membership of Amazon Prime withholds. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers Amazon clients extra’s, of course all related to the products sold on the marketplace.  As you may know Amazon sells almost everything (you better wonder what you can't buy on Amazon…).

With Amazon Prime you will have unlimited free and fast delivery. This is for all so called ‘Prime Products’, of which the marketplace has selected millions of products. There is no minimum amount of purchase fee and fast delivery means fast: same day delivery or the next day. As a Prime member you will have unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music and you can stream many series, movies, concerts etc.. Fanatic gamer? Prime gaming! Prime members get a monthly selection of free games, free ingame content and a subscription. Another benefit of being a Prime member is the unlimited storge of photos with Prime Photos.

In The Netherlands an Amazon Prime subscription fee is € 2,99 per month and cancellation at any time. For Amazon Prime UK a whole package is at a cost of £79 each year. On a monthly basis it costs £7.99, which comes to £95.88 each year. With continuous growth of online shopping, it is no wonder that so many people subscribe to become a Prime member. Even if it is to save on shipping costs.

From Amazon perspective it is obvious that the subscription serves as a means to get consumers to purchase more goods through Amazon, and to get a better overview of the consumer buying behaviour. In the end all loyalty programs are focused on targeting the consumer in the best way to increase sales.

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