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Amazon searches in first week of 2022

Face masks, Harry Potter and PlayStation5

Amazon searches in first week of 2022

Face masks, Harry Potter and PlayStation5, most searched for on Amazon in European countries

As a marketplace agency, Incubeta Maze-One keeps a close eye on developments on marketplaces such as Amazon. The Netherlands is in lockdown and it is likely that new Covid regulations will follow soon, which is reflected in the search terms. For the first week of this year, we have narrowed down the search behaviour for products to a top 10.

In all likelihood, medical face masks will become compulsory in the Netherlands in the fight against Covid-19.  This discussion is immediately reflecting the search on Amazon.nl: for the first time ‘ffp2 mondkapjes’ appear in the top 10 of most searched-for products in the Netherlands.

In GermanyPlayStation5’ dominate the top 10 search terms. But ‘ffp2 masken’ and ‘Harry Potter’ are frequently searched for this first week of January 2022.

On the UK platform Amazon.co.uk ‘diaries 2022’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘facemasks’ are the most used searches.

Changes in daily life seem to influence online search and buying behaviour. We see that it pays off for a company or brand to respond to changing search behaviour. Perhaps a different term or adaptation of content is enough to stimulate online sales. Incubeta Maze-One helps brands build better relationships with Amazon and other marketplaces.

January 2022

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