Amazon plans Sweden launch

7 August 2020

Amazon’s plan to launch in Sweden opens great opportunities, not only for Swedish consumers and companies but the entire Nordic region.
When the Swedish version of Amazon will be ready has still not been revealed. Only Amazon knows, but it is most likely it will open this year.

Complete Swedish retail offering
This week Amazon confirmed the plan to open in Sweden. The publication does not tell if the plan includes local fulfillment centers. However, one could easily imagine this; possibly in combination with delivery from Germany, as Alex Ootes Vice President for EU Expansion at Amazon says: “The next step is to introduce a complete retail offering in Sweden and that is what we plan to do now”. This will most likely also include offering of a complete Prime package with free delivery among many other things.

Expected eternal changes to Nordic ecommerce and retail
Amazon has already proven their concept in several other European markets and neighboring markets to these (including the Nordics) with a belief in what customers value the most – low prices, vast selection and fast delivery.

Amazon's new entry will certainly further affect the buying behavior and consumer journeys of Swedish consumers, as we have also seen in other European markets where amazon is active. In the largest European market, Germany, close to 50% of total e-commerce takes place through Amazon and more than half of all product-specific online searches start with Amazon, not Google. Especially with a complete Prime offering it can have a significant impact on consumer behavior and loyalty.

The launch in Sweden will probably not affect other Nordic consumer patterns equally on the short-term unless a full Prime package is also offered in these markets. However, this could also soon become a reality as it seems as if the plan is to further expand the online marketplaces to Denmark, Norway and Finland as indicated in a job description posted on Amazon for a Head of Marketplace (link).

Great opportunities to Nordic companies
Amazon brings great opportunities to all Nordic businesses on the short-term as it opens a new door to highly scalable markets with large sales potential, in Sweden or in any other market where Amazon is represented. Nordic companies should on the other hand also expect more fierce competition for the Nordic consumers.

For both obvious reasons Nordic companies need to prepare themselves and bring Amazon into their considerations as a potential sales channel as well the opportunities in further development and strengthening their brand towards modern online consumers.

Thorough preparation, patience and respect for complexity – are you ready?
Selling on online marketplaces in new and foreign markets seldom comes in a plug’n play solution. It can be complicated, time consuming and involve frequently changing conditions but in most cases it leads to higher benefits. The recommendation is to prepare yourself and if you consider it relevant and your business model is suitable within the cost structure enter the marketplace on a well-informed basis.

As a first step, you should check if your products are already sold on Amazon and have your brand registered to discourage others from doing so. It’s free via Amazon Brand Registry and it’s already possible to register your brand on Amazon in Sweden. Also, do yourself a favor and research what else is being sold similar to your products or your category. Then you know what you are up against when Amazon enters the Nordic region.

Timing is everything. It’s not too later but with Amazon soon opening in Sweden, Nordic companies should consider starting their process as soon as possible. Come prepared – be ready.

Want to know more?
With Amazon's presence in the Nordic region, it undeniably brings a number of positive opportunities for Nordic companies but also stronger competition. At Maze-One and we look forward to following this. We work as Amazon specialists for more than 85 clients, hereof approximately 30 Nordic clients, from our offices in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen and Oslo.


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