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Amazon IDQ score

Everything you need for maximum conversion

30 September 2021

Amazon IDQ-score:
Everything you need for maximum conversion

"A high Amazon IDQ score is actually a requirement for good findability of products on Amazon. Strong content and a high IDQ score have an impact on your results". - Martine Kevelham, CCO at Incubeta Maze-One.

As an Amazon Vendor or Seller everything focusses on the highest possible sales success on the platform. There are many factors that play a role in this, but it starts with the Item Data Quality Score, or IDQ for short, of the product on the detail page.

Quantity or Quality?
The Amazon system automatically gives each product an IDQ score on a scale of 0 to 100. "Even though the IDQ score has 'quality' in the name, Amazon looks purely at the quantity of data. This quantity influences Amazon's algorithm", Martine explains. A product must be ranked with an IDQ of 90 or higher to be included in Amazon's algorithm. This algorithm, in turn, determines whether a product is included in Amazon's search function or is eligible for Amazon deals, etc. The IDQ score of a product is thus based on the quantity of data. Amazon looks at whether each product has the following components:

If the product on the detail page has all these points, you get a high IDQ score. "An IDQ score on its own doesn't mean anything, see it as a starting point. As an example, a product page has the required 5 bullet points, but the text with these bullet points is not making any sense, not relevant to the product. Then you have a high IDQ score, but no good quality description on Amazon. And it is precisely this incompleteness that can greatly affect conversion."

With the IDQ score all set and done, you can make a targeted quality step forward: Are the keywords correct? Is the product description focused on the season? Are there any bullet points and if so, is the text relevant here? If all the signs are green, the Amazon algorithm will be optimally influenced. And then all your SEO efforts will be worthwhile.

IDQ Check for Q4: Incubeta Maze-One can help with optimisation
With the holiday season ahead, it is advisable to take a close look at the IDQ scores for Q4. How do the products score? What are points for improvement? What buttons can we turn to optimise sales? All Amazon Vendors and large Sellers can request an IDQ report on a quarterly basis. We can then carry out an IDQ Check, after which the improvements will be examined together with the client. An IDQ Check can also serve as a quantification to jointly achieve a new (higher) score the following quarter. "In the end it is all about maximum conversion and Incubeta Maze-One would like to help with that".

September 2021

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