Boost your sales on Amazon

With a simple ad strategy

Boost your sales on Amazon with this simple ad strategy

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Brands on Amazon are always looking for new ways to capture more sales. Those that are familiar with Amazon’s ecosystem will know that Amazon offers numerous possibilities in terms of promotions and advertising. In this article we will share an advertising strategy that is easy to implement in the short term to increase your pie on Amazon.

Amazon, despite being a marketplace, has many similarities to traditional brick & mortar stores. For example, one could say that the search bar represents a store employee. When a shopper types in a search term in the search bar, Amazon will produce a list of relevant products.

Similarly, when you ask a store employee where you can find the shampoo’s, he or she will guide you to the correct aisle. Now when you arrive at that aisle, you will most likely see a wide range of shampoos and often from different brands. The same thing also occurs on Amazon when you browse the search results and even when you are scanning a specific product page. To put this into perspective against traditional retail; when you are holding the product in your hands and reading the product label, Amazon as the diligent store employee is pushing other products in your peripheral vision: “Have you also considered these products?”.

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Amazon product targeting
On Amazon, this happens exactly the moment you scroll down on a product page for additional information, Amazon will show you many alternative products, both organic and advertised placements.

This is considered premium real estate for advertisers since the shopper has already shown a high intent to purchase. If you can show the shopper your better offer, be it with a better price, star rating or simply a better product, there’s a high likelihood that the shopper will convert to your product. This does not have to be restricted to similar products, you can use the same targeting for complementary products.

"We have seen great uplift in sales from this strategy for our clients in various categories, for some even up to 30% sales increase".

Protect your own products

Alternatively, other sellers can also target your products. This is where this ad strategy comes into play. Instead of giving your competitors this opportunity, you target your own products. You present your other products that are relevant to the one that the shopper is currently looking at. This is a great way for cross and upsell. The great thing about product targeting is that it’s not limited to ad placements on product pages. Amazon will also show your ads in search results, showing up next to the products that you’re targeting. We will cover this topic more in depth in another article.

An added benefit of targeting your own product is that you keep your competitors off this premium real estate. Additionally, it’s also a great way to boost overall brand awareness. Instead of having the shopper just see the regular shampoo, you can present your entire product line to this same shopper, e.g., conditioners, hair repairs etc. It does not only apply to groceries or personal care categories. At Incubeta Maze-One, we have seen great uplift in sales from this strategy for our clients in various categories, for some even up to 30% sales increase.

For some brands this sounds like a sensible thing to do, but still far too often we see many brands not implementing this strategy, and therefore leaving money on the table (even worse, putting the money in competitor’s pocket!)

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More useful tactics
This is just one of the many advertising tactics that you could implement to boost the sales. Curious how Incubeta Maze-One can help your Amazon business go from good to great? Schedule a free audit with our specialists, no strings attached.

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