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Incubeta Maze-One

An interview with CEO Tim van der Bilt

Maze-One has a new name: Incubeta Maze-One
Last month we announced that Maze-One has been acquired by Incubeta: we are now Incubeta Maze-One. In this article Tim van der Bilt, Maze-One’s Founder and CEO, tells us more about this big step forward.

From start-up to scale-up… in just a matter of years.
“Yes, it went very fast. In 2018 I started my full-service marketplace agency. In a few years we grew rapidly, also abroad. This year we had quite a few companies asking for our hand, but when we opened conversations with Incubeta we more or less immediately knew we had found the right home.”

The next step has been taken and what will this bring?
By joining Incubeta, we are able to take our business to the next level and access world class digital marketing capabilities. Our clients will benefit from the expertise that the team at Incubeta brings to the table: our combined services complement each other perfectly and provides the opportunity to explore more digital retail services and products, not to mention a global footprint of 18 offices worldwide.”

From a client’s viewpoint, are there any changes?
“No, little will change to our client-vendor relationship; clients will keep the same contacts and we will continue to provide the best services and advice on marketplaces. I will continue to lead the company as CEO. The only thing what is visible is the new logo and that we have a new name.

Looking to 2022...what does the future look like?
“First we have Q4 which is a busy quarter for most of our clients. With the festive season just around the corner we have total focus on closing the year on a positive note. And 2022? Incubeta Maze-One will always search for marketplace opportunities and growth to fulfill brand’s global potential.”

If you would like to talk in detail about the acquisition, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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