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MarketPlace Monitor: Amazon continues to grow


MarketPlace Monitor:
Amazon continues to grow in The Netherlands

Amsterdam- 23 February 2021- The MarketPlace Monitor, the quarterly survey by marketplace specialists Maze-One and MeMo², shows that remains the most attractive sales platform in The Netherlands in the fourth quarter of 2020. is showing growth in popularity and the forecast is that this will only increase in the coming months.

Maze-One and MeMo² publish the quarterly MarketPlace Monitor, a study conducted by marketing research & analytics agency MeMo², to identify and explain the changes in the growing online market. Marketplaces, AliExpress,, and Wish are included in the survey. The research population is representative of the average Dutch population aged 18 and older.

Platform that fits best in the Netherlands is the most appealing marketplace for 65% of Dutch people, however, the platform is declining slightly in popularity (-3%) compared to the third quarter of 2020. CoolBlue is in second place (35%), followed by AliExpress (31%), both of which also declined by -5% and -2% respectively. Platform, on the other hand, appeals more and more to the Dutch consumer (29%) and increases in popularity by 5%. shares fourth place in this list with Wish.

Confidence in online ordering
Confidence in delivery and certainty that the package will be delivered is an important issue for the Dutch. The confidence in delivery at decreases slightly (-2%) but is still extremely high with 78%. CoolBlue also drops (-7%) to 55%. is in third place with 38% (+3%). The other marketplaces in the study are almost on the same line: AliExpress on 24% and Wish on 29%, where Wish gets the most growth in trust (+7%).

Outlook: trend seems favourable for
MeMo² has extrapolated research data for the past 1.5 years. The prognosis is that will gain ground in the Dutch top 3 marketplaces in the coming months.

In the category 'electronics', is the only marketplace that is rising (+3%) in the fourth quarter of 2020. Based on the extrapolation of this data, MeMo² expects to continue its rise and overtake CoolBlue, while it is likely that CoolBlue will show a downward trend. However, is expected to remain the clear frontrunner in the electronics category.

Fig.1 'Electronics bought last year' MarketPlace Monitor Q3/Q4 2020

In the "home" category, leads the list in 2020, followed by The trend line based on the extrapolation of historical data for this category indicates that it is possible that will overtake in the 'home' segment in the near future.

Fig.2 'Purchased housing last year' MarketPlace Monitor Q3/Q4 2020


If we look specifically at the category "home appliances", also leads the top 3 (29%), where CoolBlue is currently in second place with 20%. It is expected that will climb from its current third position (14%) to second place and overtake CoolBlue in this category.

Fig.3 'Household appliances bought last year' MarketPlace Monitor Q3/Q4 2020

Tim van der Bilt, founder and CEO "We see the popularity of marketplaces increasing every day. We see our customers doubling or tripling their sales by 2020, especially on Amazon. It's not just the Corona crisis that's causing this, e-commerce - especially via marketplaces like Amazon and bol - has been a trend for a long time, and it's only getting stronger and faster now".



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