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Maze-One expands the Nordics team with a Norwegian (Oslo) office

Maze-One expands the Nordics team with a Norwegian (Oslo) office
25 February 2020

In January, we were able to report that the Amazon bureau expanded its partner circle in Denmark with former Strossle director Sanne Sønderskov Jensen. She joined in the growth of the Danish market, where Maze-One now serves 15 Danish companies with activities in Europe and the United States.

"The focus from the beginning has been to concentrate on getting a strong foothold in Denmark, but it has always been the plan to launch Maze-One in the other Nordic countries in the foreseeable future."
This is stated by Ulrik Grevenkop-Castenskiold, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Maze-One Nordic, and he continues
"We have received a nice reception of our concept in the Danish market. With the employment of Sanne and a few upcoming new hires in Denmark, as well as our team of specialists in the Netherlands, we feel that we are well in control of the Danish business. The timing is right to expand and we have full confidence that our newly established Norwegian team is the best at lifting the task in Norway."

Two experienced partners in Norway

The new partners in Norway are Ketil Øye and Dagfinn Melberg, who are experienced in successful startups in digital marketing and e-commerce. They have both been involved in the launch of DoubleClick in Norway before Google bought the company. In addition, Ketil has started the Norwegian branch of Danish Adform, and Dagfinn has helped launch (AOL / Time Warner) in Norway.

The interest in Amazon is great in Norway. We are also already in concrete dialogue with several Norwegian companies, which, like Danish companies, have begun to form a nuanced picture of the positive influence that Amazon can have on the company's sales as well as the opportunities to develop and strengthen the brand towards modern online consumers, says Michael Chabert, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Maze-One, and he continues

With Dagfinn and Ketil in the driver's seat, we can offer Norwegian companies the same strong set-up as in Denmark. This means that Norwegian customers can get strategic and tactical advice from local Amazon experts as well as a complete package of operational onboarding and ongoing specialist service. It is especially the breadth of our team that makes a difference in value creation, where we, together with our Amazon specialists, can provide a complete service tailored to the individual needs of the customers.