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Meet Carpio

Turning your Ecommerce Data into better Sales

Turning your Ecommerce Data into better Sales

What is Carpio?
In short, we are going to do for Ecommerce Data what Google did for Search Data!

All our customers express the same problems around siloed data, lack of market share information, and unified data intelligence and reporting. We want to make their tasks easier to manage.

Carpio has built the collection and storage infrastructure to help you short-cut toward more successful selling across the world’s marketplaces.

We are a SaaS platform that will aggregate e-commerce data from multiple marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Bol.com) and retail channels (e.g. Magento, Shopify) and provide consistent visualisation and actionable insight across the data. Features will include advertising and organic sales reporting, product and reseller monitoring, advertising optimisation and management, IP and brand protection monitoring and alerting to anomalies in the data.

Why now?

The transition to e-commerce has been underway for two decades, but the pandemic has significantly accelerated this. In the early stages of COVID Microsoft’s CEO famously said that they’d seen customers undergo “two years of digital transformation in just two months”.

Globally, 47% of ecommerce sales were made through online marketplaces in 2020, amounting to nearly $2 trillion dollars. Given the recent, dramatic boost by the pandemic, this is forecast to grow dramatically over the next 5 years, as more companies adopt marketplaces as the best platform to promote online sales…yet the tools available are limited.

We are well acquainted with the likes of Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and Alibaba – the giants of online retail – but just in Europe, there are over 65 marketplaces, and it seems that when it comes to ecommerce, much of the market in Europe is divided along old geographic and linguistic lines. Local marketplaces tend to dominate, such as Allegro in Poland or Bol.com in the Benelux.

So, Carpio is focused on accessing and unifying data from the highly fragmented European market and making it usable across all international markets.

Simultaneously, the tools of automation are being rapidly adopted and Carpio will be doing the job of a thousand people – constantly scouring multiple marketplaces to ensure you’re being competitive and immediately adaptable to market signals and trends.

What’s next?

We are currently transitioning all our customers, including Incubeta Maze-One clients, and launching our new version of the platform to show what you will immediately gain from the data: Share of Voice overlaid with identifying your growth keywords and wasted ad spend…

Thereafter we will be taking our paying customers to the next level of access and insight. Pricing starts at £100 per month for our ‘Insights’ level.

Help is on hand at [email protected]