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Protect your brand with Brand Gating on Amazon

Protect your brand with Brand Gating on Amazon

You want to protect your brand against counterfeits at all costs. To make sure third-party sellers don’t destroy your good name, Amazon has come up with a tool that lets you secure it. We call this Brand Gating. Read our blog and find out what you can do to protect your brand.

Brand Gating: what is it?

To help you block unauthorized sellers, Amazon has created Brand Gating. Brand Gating helps you prevent counterfeits of your product and lets you block other sellers. If a third-party seller wants to sell your product, they will have to ask you for permission. On Amazon, you can register your brand and protect your business from unauthorized resellers.

Getting your brand gated, what’s in it for you?

As a brand you stand for certain values and you want to maintain your (good) reputation and be consistent in your communications. You want to present a certain image, especially when your products are sold by third parties. Besides that, you want to keep as much control over your sales process as possible. This is where Amazon Brand Gating comes in. When your brand is protected on Amazon, a third-party seller has to get approval from you before they can (re)sell it. The advantage here is that customers won't accidentally buy a knock-off and lose trust in your brand. When unauthorized sellers and knock-offs are off the table, customers know they are paying for the quality and service they expect from your company.


 How to get your brand gated on Amazon

There are a few conditions that you have to meet. First of all, you must identify yourself as the authorized owner. To do so, your brand must be registered in the country where you sell your product(s). You also need to have an active Amazon account. If you can tick these boxes off, let’s get your brand protected:

No more third-party sellers or cheap knock-offs?

When your brand is gated, you no longer have to worry about counterfeit items being sold on Amazon. When your product(s) are ‘Brand Gated’, third-party sellers have to get your approval to resell your product. To get your approval, they have to pass different performance checks, pay fees, provide Amazon with invoices from manufacturers and written authorization from your brand to sell your product.

Need assistance?

If you need some help getting your brand gated, no worries, Incubeta Maze-One is here to help you. Contact us for more information.