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The Amazon Brand Analytics gold mine. This is how it works

As a brand-registered Amazon seller you now have access to the new Amazon Brand Analytics in Seller Central

As a a brand-registered Amazon seller you now have access to the new Amazon Brand Analytics in Seller Central. It turns out to be a gold mine with valuable data such as real shopping behavior, competitor insights and statistics of the total number of clicks and conversions per keyword.

Amazon is introducing its
Amazon Brand Analytics to Amazon sellers in Europe who have registered their brand to the Brand Registry program. Amazon describes its new tool as a feature that contains valuable insights to empower brand owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.

The most important components:

Seach Term Report: This is the keyword the Amazon shopper uses when searching for a product. For example “headphone” or a phrase such as “headphone for women”.

Search Frequency Rank: This statistic shows the most clicked ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number - a unique product number for every product sold on the platform) when given as a specific search term. If you are looking for earplugs, the tool will give you search frequency results such as airpods, earbuds, wireless earbuds, headphones, and so on. It also shows the numerical rank against the others in a period of time.

Click Share: Amazon gives a percentage that is calculated by looking at the total number of clicks after customers have entered a certain keyword. This is not the total clickthrough rate (CTR) of the ASIN. If 1.000 customers searched the keyword "headphone" and and each of those customers clicked into two products (2.000 clicks in total) and Product X received 500 clicks from these customers, then the click share for Product X for the search term "headphone" is 25% (500/2000).

Conversation Share: This represents the percentage of total revenue that comes from a specified keyword. Suppose there is a total of 1.000 sales from customers who searched for 'headphone' and Product X was the most sold, for example 100 times, then the Conversion Share is 10%. The most clicked ASINs does not always generate the most conversions for the specified search term.

How to get better conversion

You can optimize your advertising campaigns understanding which keywords convert best and what market share competitors have. For example, you can add a competitor's ASIN to see under which search terms they appear and enter those search terms as keywords in campaigns.

You can also find all search terms related to your product and find the ASINs that share a high percentage of clicks or conversions and add them to product targeted campaigns.

Another interesting feature in Amazon Brand Analytics is finding trends in keywords by looking at different time frames. If you sell seasonal products you can easily find the results of the keywords in the weeks before. In this way you can assess whether searches fluctuate.

The information provided can also give you an insight on ​​your share around specific keywords. You can view your share in clicks and conversion by comparing data over two different time frames. If your competitor has better results you can easily identify areas for improvement.

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