Amazon in Scandinavia

Now what?

29 April 2021

This whitepaper is for the Scandinavian market where Amazon is arriving or has recently arrived, and you have a webshop. How does Amazon influence your business, and what should you do? Join in or compete against the giant marketplace?

It has been a fact for some years that Amazon is or has been on its way into Scandinavia. Most recently at the opening of the Swedish platform on 28 October 2020, we have seen that Amazon’s entry into Scandinavia is not just rumors, but a crucial reality. Amazon.se was the first Amazon launch in a Nordic country.

Scandinavian companies need to start preparing for Amazon. Many businesses have strengthened their e-commerce strategies and seized digital opportunities. But even more companies need to get started on their digital transformation and find their place on global online marketplaces such as Amazon to meet customers’ rising expectations to a shopping journey adapted to their buyer behavior.

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